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Hello Alberta!

Cannabis Topicals - Transit Alleviating Oil
Do more with a topical that does more.
Be on your way with Transit Alleviating Oil.

First hockey practice of the season? Yoga class namastake you out? Hard paddle on the Kananaskis? Still think you’re 19? We’ll be there for you when you get home. This product is for those who value their mobility and will not let DOMS, arthritis, trick-knees, tennis elbow, cramping, headaches or age get in the way of living. This all-natural oil is a post (and pre!)-activity topical for people who may overestimate their ability, believing they are actually younger than they really are. Yes, we’re talking to you.

300mg THC / 400mg CBD

No time for downtime. Hi-potency cannabinoid mix gets to work. This is no dalliance. This is real life. You've got places to go and stuff to do.


Thanks to a special ester of hemp seed oil, our essential oil and cannabinoid blend can get into the skin and get going. #giddyup


Cannabis has been a natural remedy for thousands of years. We have no business meddling with that by adding synthetics.


Don't stop! Post-sports targeted application, full-body massage, temples, abdomen and more. Try it as a foot rub - you'll thank us.


No one needs to know you rode your bike to work or went for a run at lunch. Barely-there scent to apply before or after your activity.


Grease is gross. Transit isn't big on sitting around. It gets in and takes the cannabinoid blend with it. You'll forget it's on you.

Cannabis Topicals - Transit Alleviating Oil
Be on your way with Transit.

Transit high-potency alleviating oil and bath shots are for active people who have no time for down-time. There’s a lot of life out there, just waiting to be lived. And, live it you will. Not your typical topicals, all-natural Transit products are highly potent and don’t leave users smelling like mothballs. Zero harsh synthetic chemicals. Purposeful essential oils. Ideal for athletes, weekend warriors, movers, shakers, thinkers, doers.